A CEO Helps Non-Profits in Ghana

[Kristin once worked for the US Government in foreign aid projects.  Do be patient with background noise.]

00:00 – Kristin’s company helps non-profits to assist developing countries with economic, agricultural, and environmental projects
00:44 – In Ghana to observe feeding and renewable energy programs
01:10 – A startling project to convert the fecal waste in latrines into an odorless energy source.
01:48 – One key: convert people from open defecation to using latrines so that fecal matter can be secured for processing into energy cubes
02:02 – Second key: motivate and train companies to drain latrines so that the waste can be processed and motivate and train other companies to use the product instead of coal
02:40 – She calls this work a “mission” and sees God having put her on the path to it
04:01 – Africa will make some unusual contributions and become a norm in the future
05:26 – Member mission’s work helps people talk this way to see both their own free will and how God works in their lives in specific circumstances
06:43 – Thank you, Kristin

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How to See Yourself on Mission

Helping members to see “mission” and “missionary” as good words and see themselves on mission 24/7/365.  Each slide has commentary.  By Elizabeth S. Hall of Boise, ID; given at Common Ground Covenant Church in Boise.

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