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Seeing Jesus

From John 20:18 – Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “ I have seen the Lord.”

Seeing is one of the first ways we connect with the world around us. Seeing continues throughout our lives as central. We say “I see” when we mean we get it, we understand. What we see on television and in the movies has great impact. We have to be careful about what we look at and what our children and teens and we ourselves look at.

A Hot Video

Video Interview – Andreas Kuehn

00:00 – Andreas Kuehn – what he photographs and what he likes
01:02 – Values he finds in his work
01:56 – He comments on the idea that values can’t be proved but we live by them
02:56 – Values he lives by and wants to pass on to his children
04.00 – Thanks, Andreas – let’s come again

Engaging Resources

Bill McKibben makes the case for divesting from industries based on fossil fuels in the The Christian Century of 1/2/13.  Global warming is “the greatest problem human beings have ever faced.  And if you had some sense that global warming was distant or abstract or safely in the future, 2012 should have convinced you otherwise,” he writes.  Download the article for discussion groups and hand-outs.

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