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Louise Ross: A Volunteer Midwife in Navajoland

(3:53 min. video)

00:00 – Meet Louise who gives some time as a mid-wife among the Navajos
00:24 – What makes you want to do this work?
01:10 – What do you bring to them as a midwife?
01:48 – What do you do, in particular, for them?
03:00 – Our thanks and prayers go with you, Louise

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Sermon/Slideshow/Talk for Pentecost Season

“How to See Yourself on Mission” Helping members to see “mission” and “missionary” as good words and see themselves on mission 24/7/365.  Each slide has commentary.  By Elizabeth S. Hall of Boise, ID; given at Common Ground Covenant Church in Boise.

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A four-week unit on sexuality to mixed groups of 9th graders is offered by the Champlain Valley High School, Hinesburg, VT.  Its goals, which all should reach by the end of the course, are for all students to have the following understandings: Teenagers are dealing with strong sexual urges and are bombarded with cultural messages about sex. Dealing with sexual desire is a central challenge … [Read More...]

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Member Mission Network Newsletter #122 Listening for the Spirit Contents: Volunteer mid-wife in Navajoland - 12-year-old starts work to advance Bedouin women - Resource: Four-week unit on sexuality for mixed groups of 9th graders - Sermon / Slide show / Talk for Pentecost season - Meditation: a challenge to current economic thinking and ethics - Member Mission Proverb - Hint for mission: talk … [Read More...]

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