A CEO Helps Non-Profits in Ghana

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How to See Yourself on Mission

Helping members to see “mission” and “missionary” as good words and see themselves on mission 24/7/365.  Each slide has commentary.  By Elizabeth S. Hall of Boise, ID; given at Common Ground Covenant Church in Boise.

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culture of intolerance

by Mark Nathan Cohen (Yale University Press, 1998) This book is becoming ever more timely. We so often fail to understand the limited nature of our basic convictions and values as largely conditioned by our surrounding relationships and living … [Read More...]

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Member Mission Network Newsletter #123

A CEO helps non-profits in Ghana – “Transformational . . . responsibility on us . . . a less intimidating manner” – Resource: Culture of Intolerance: Chauvinism, Class, and Racism in the United States – Member Mission Proverb – Sermon “fodder” for summer preaching – Hint – Meditation: Frances Perkins on Christians in politics – e-books [Read More...]

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