Life App for 8/5/16 to 8/11/16

A way to live your mission at home and with your friends:

Mind carefully your relationships at home and with friends.  When a need arises at home or with friends be a “first responder.”

Based on Luke 12:32-40

[A way to live your mission at home and with your friends based on a reading from The Revised Common Lectionary for The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost, 8/7/16.  Jesus comforts the disciples saying God will provide God’s rule in your life, “the kingdom.”  To give money, sell some possessions.  Build a  safe treasure, the treasure of serving God’s rule.  He tells a parable about the reward for servants who are ready when their master returns, even if the master comes at midnight.  A second parable is about theft.  Thieves do not come when expected.  Be ready for the Son of Man who comes unexpected

A theme:  God provides what you need so be ready to respond to needs that arise.  Further, God comes when not expected.]

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