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A way to live a mission in your home and with your friends;

Your family and friends entrust their good name to you.  Affirm their reputation with others through your comments in praise of them.

Based on Matthew 25:14-30

A way to live a mission in your home and with your friends based on Matthew 25:14-30, a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for the Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost, 11/19/17.

[The parable has a theme of rewards and punishments.  The servants were to do the work of trading with the talents (a talent was the highest currency unit).]  A man going on a journey gives money to three slaves.  One gets five talents and doubles them.  A second slave gets two talents and doubles them also.  A third slave gets one talent.  In fear of his master who has enriched himself at the cost of the others, the slave buries the talent lest he be held responsible if there had been any loss.  The master rewards the first two with being placed in charge of more of the master’s things.  The third is punished for not, at least, investing the money for interest.  His one talent is given to the slave who had turned five talents into ten.  The third slave is cast into hell.  [Verse 30 is probably Matthew’s addition to the parable and is one of his often used sentences.]

A theme:  Increase the value or amount of whatever is entrusted to your care.



#7 Justice now as well as then.

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  • Cindy G.: Briefs Kenyan mothers on childbirth

    Briefs Kenyan mothers on childbirth.

    (10:16 min.)
    0:00-2:56 – a nurse and mother, she runs a home for the physically disabled in response to sensing that God wanted it done.
    2:26-3:22 – her mission for 10 days with Kenyan women.
    3:22-4:44 – sharing what actually happens in their bodies during labor and delivery.
    4:44-6:27 – how they worked to build ownership and helping tribes to work together.
    6:27-8:37 – her prayer for help to do it; the mothers’ response and what the work did for her.
    8:37-10:16 – her learnings; they need our time more than our cash.