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A way to live a mission at work (paid, not paid, or volunteer)
At work, be caring and fair with everyone regardless of their convictions about religion.

Based on Matthew 15:21-28

A way to live a mission at work (paid, not paid, or volunteer) based on Matthew 15:21-28, a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for the Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost, 8/20/17.

Jesus goes into gentile [non-Jewish people] territory.  By their customs, Jews were to have no contact with non-Jews.  A gentile woman, a Canaanite, shouts to Jesus, “Heal my daughter.”  He does not answer and his disciples ask Jesus to send her away.  Jesus says that he was sent only to the members of Israel who were lost.  [He may have been questioning the custom of avoiding the gentiles.]  The woman kneels before him and pleads for help.  Jesus answers that he should not help because it would be like throwing away Jewish teaching [like giving the children’s food—Jewish teaching—to the dogs.]  The woman persists saying the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.  Jesus praises her persistence—“great is your faith”—and heals her daughter.  [In Matthew 8:5-13, Jesus heals a slave, presumably a gentile, of the Roman Centurion, obviously a gentile.  After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the Christians followed Paul’s teaching that gentiles should be included in the church.]

A theme:  Include people who are different from you.



#7 Justice now as well as then.

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  • Kristin: CEO helps non-profits in Ghana

    CEO helps non-profits in Ghana.

    [Kristin once worked for the US Government in foreign aid projects.  Do be patient with background noise.]
    00:00 – Kristin’s company helps non-profits to assist developing countries with economic, agricultural, and environmental projects.
    00:44 – In Ghana to observe feeding and renewable energy programs.
    01:10 – A startling project to convert the fecal waste in latrines into an odorless energy source.
    01:48 – One key: convert people from open defecation to using latrines so that fecal matter can be secured for processing into energy cubes.
    02:02 – Second key: motivate and train companies to drain latrines so that the waste can be processed and motivate and train other companies to use the product instead of coal.
    02:40 – She calls this work a “mission” and sees God having put her on the path to it.
    04:01 – Africa will make some unusual contributions and become a norm in the future.
    05:26 – Member mission’s work helps people talk this way to see both their own free will and how God works in their lives in specific circumstances.
    06:43 – Thank you, Kristin.