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Seasonal Life App for December 28, 2018

Some thoughts during Christmas Season, 2018 — the season of remembering God comes in Jesus to help us.

Why “go to church” anyway?

Well, go back to the beginning.
    What is our problem as human beings?
         We are unsure about just how we ought to live
    Some help!
       The biblical story says that God calls us to be loving and just in all we do
       wherever we are all the time. 
    Some more help is needed. 
       I find that I need help to even try to live that way all the time.
    Some more help! 
      God gives me the help I need to begin to try to live that way.
So today . . .
    I go to church to be reminded of God’s call to love and to be just – I go for guidance.
    I go to church to hear again that God helps me to love and to be just – I go for help.
In brief, I “go to church” to be reminded that:

    God tells me to live lovingly and justly – guidance;
    God helps me to live that way – the bread and wine are concrete reminders that
    God feeds me with help to live as God asks – help.
A. Wayne Schwab
How do you see it?  Send me your thoughts / comments:

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#7 Justice now as well as then.

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