Tanzanian Finds All of His Daily Missions, A

Map of Tanzania Published Monday, June 06, 2005 by G. Jonathan Birinyi

Map of Tanzania
Published Monday, June 06, 2005 by G. Jonathan Birinyi

Mkama Elisha, a primary school teacher and church usher, comments on his recent seminar led by our trainer, Raymond Mulegi, in Mwanza, Tanzania, on Lake Victoria. “Now I understand what is called a mission and not just to go Church every Sunday and participate, then, waiting to next Sunday!! But what I have learned from Member Mission is that we are an agents of God’s Mission, and God’s Mission is in us in our daily living from Monday to Sunday so we ought to be connected in everything we are doing and make sure that the things we are doing, both, in deed and in word, are centered with love and justice. And to know that Sunday helps us to be united and do it better. So as a result of Member Mission I’m no longer a Sunday goer with no specific Mission apart from my church usher position, Now I’m discerning my missions from all arenas of our daily living starting from home, work place, leisure (free time) and to my living community!!”

Raymond reports how Mkama described his daily missions:

  1. Home: . . . specifically to improve his marriage and better health for his loving family.
  2. Work: . . . offer classes to help all slow learners to improve reading, counting and writing.
  3. Community:. . . organize sports that will bring people of all walks of life together and share common goals and improve relationships to all of the community in God’s ways.
  4. The wider world: . . . work with Member Mission to reach nearby villages and volunteer in projects of the country to make all nations more loving and just.
  5. Leisure: . . . spend more time with his loving family and play with his loving kids.
  6. Spiritual health: . . . improve his Bible knowledge by joining once a week Bible school.
  7. Church life: . . . involvement in tours that intended to preach the Gospel of the Jesus Christ to the nearby communities and spread the words of God to his people.

“I’m thanking God to be part of this wonderfully group such as Member Mission. I use my Workbook as a guide to be habitual in God’s ways in every aspect of my life. I thank God for making me a part of this happy family Member Mission. And I thank you, Raymond, for your dedication.”