Life App for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, 5/13/18 to 5/19/18

A way to live a mission in your home and with your friends:
Be loving and fair at home and with your friends because being loving and fair are God’s ways with us. 

Life App for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, 5/13/18 

Based on John 17:6-9 (see retelling below); a reading comes from the Revised Common Lectionary for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, 5/13/18. 

[Jesus prays to the Father for the Eleven.]  Jesus has told them of the Father.  They are now the Father’s and have kept the Father’s words.  They know everything that the Father has told Jesus.  They believe Jesus has been sent by the Father.

Jesus is praying on their behalf, not on behalf of the world.  All of them belong to Jesus and they also belong to God.  Jesus asks that the Father protect them from the evil one [hate and injustice] they may all be one [united] just as Jesus and the Father are one.  Jesus has protected them while he was with them so that they are not lost [to evil].  His aim is for them to be complete in themselves.

They do not belong to the world just as Jesus does not belong to the world.  Jesus has been sent into the world so he now sends them into the world.  Jesus makes himself holy [sanctifies himself] so that they may be made holy in truth [God’s commandments].

A theme:  The disciples are now different from the world because they have accepted God’s commandments as given to them by Jesus.