Life App for Pentecost, 5/20/18 to  5/26/18

A way to live a mission in your work:
In your work be as competent as you can and call for the Spirit’s help in every action. 

Based on John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15(see retelling below); a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for Pentecost, 5/20/18. 

[Jesus and the disciples are at their last meal together.]  The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, will make known [testify to] the truth about Jesus.  So must the disciples, themselves, make known the truth about Jesus.  Jesus had not taught about the coming of the Spirit before because he was with them.  Now that he is leaving them, none have asked where he is going.  They are only sad about his leaving them.  It is well for him to leave them because the Spirit will come only after he leaves them.  The Spirit, when he has come, will prove [show] to the world that Jesus was put to death by sinful people.

[Jesus’ death on the cross demonstrates the truth that, on our own, we cannot overcome our sin – that we are unable to overcome wrong thinking and wrong doing on our own.]  The Spirit will also prove the righteousness of God.

The Spirit will also be the final proof [demonstration] of the world’s evil [that without God’s help this world kills what is loving and just].  Jesus has more to say but it is too much for them to get now.  The Spirit will make known the whole truth about the world that it needs God’s constant help; for the Spirit will make known only what the Spirit hears.  Jesus has all the truth and power of the Father.  The Spirit will declare to them Jesus’ truth [“what is mine”].

A theme:  The Spirit is always with us to guide and to help us.