Basic Tools 28: The vision of the Member Mission Network

God is most interested in how lovingly and justly we live Monday to Saturday.
Sunday – all of church life – is to help us to do it better.

Our problem: We do not have the power to do what God wants us to do.
The Good News: God helps us to do what God wants us to do. (John 20:21-22)

When the Members are the Missionaries:
An Extraordinary Calling for Ordinary People
Living the Gospel: A Guide For Individuals and Small Groups

Gratis copies develop a way for mission that you may have been seeking for a long time.

Each of the baptized sees himself or herself as a missionary
– as part of Jesus’ mission 24/7/365.

In baptism, each of us joined God’s mission in Jesus Christ and we seek to live it in each of our daily places – in our daily “mission fields.”
                                       Wider World,
                                                                    Spiritual Health, and
                                                                                 Church Life and Its Outreach

This is a breakthrough!

Its secret is going directly to what is happening in each of our daily places.
           What is God doing there right now?
                           How will I join what God is already doing?
                                      Who will help me?
                                                   Where do I go for the guidance and power I need?

That second question is the key that unlocks the door for all of the baptized to see themselves as on mission wherever they are all the time.

The congregation takes as its primary purpose – at least, one of its primary purposes – supporting each member in discerning and living his or her daily missions.

A revolution?  No, an evolution.  Just start and you will grow into it day by day.

For these books and help beyond them:
* Contact: or 802-482-7743
* Member Mission Newsletter; free e-monthly with stories, resources, meditation
* Living the Gospel: For Church Leaders; for the pastor, key leaders, the official board, and the congregation; with PowerPoint slides; a working draft
* Website: for additional resources