Basic Tools 31: Editorial Comment and Listings

An Extraordinary Calling for Ordinary People
By: A. Wayne Schwab


 Sewanee Theological Review, Easter, 2005:  R. D. Hughes III, Prof. of Systematic Theology and Spirituality wrote, “Clergy and lay leaders alike who are concerned to develop a heart and mind for mission in a congregation should make this book a must.”

Episcopal Life, February 2003, p. 19: “This book helps members to connect what they say and hear during Sunday worship with the rest of their week.”

The Living Church, October 6, 2002: “Real-life cases and a broad view of mission…”

Links, United Methodist Church, May 2003: “’Body-mission’ by church groups has gotten all the attention; ‘member-mission’ by individual members in their daily lives finally takes over.”

Lutheran Partners, September/October 2003, ELCA: “The author observes that those with leadership responsibilities have not always taught that each of us is on mission to transform those parts of the world in which we move.” (p. 133).

Witness, November 2008, Baptist Union of Victoria, Australia: “. . . advocates for helping church members to live better once they leave church and its programs.”

Good News, Diocese of Connecticut, Oct-Nov 2003: “…stories of people (with all their imperfections) finding a way to respond to Christ’s mission at work, in the home, and in the world at large.”

The Record, Diocese of Michigan, April, 2005:  “The work of the church is supporting members as they discover their callings in the ‘mission fields’ of daily life.”

The Missionary, Diocese of Northern California, June 2003: “…practical approaches for members to participate in God’s mission, and faces the fact that this involves redesigning the congregation.”

The Northeast, Diocese of Maine, April 2003: “Proposed vision allows churches to move beyond the time-honored, clergy-centered patterns we have inherited from the past.”

Review of Religious Research, March 2003: “This accessible volume can be read by both clergy and laity as an introduction to revitalizing the congregation.”

The Voice, Diocese of Newark, June 2003: “…an easy read that reports on things that anyone can do.”