Basic Tools 13: Moving Member Mission Further into Congregational Life

in worship

– find ways for the Prayers of the People to include all seven mission fields
– invite a different member each week to comment on how the Gospel connects with her / his daily life and make that part of the sermon in some appropriate way
– encourage members to bring their daily missions to church on Sunday – listen for a word the Spirit may have for them – offer one of their missions in their own prayers and receive the bread and the cup as bearers of the Lord’s help

in one’s own prayers

– encourage devoting one’s daily prayer time to a different mission field each day of the week until each field becomes a natural reference in reflection on scripture and prayer
– build your intercession list around your colleagues in each mission field with newcomers and in preparation for baptism and confirmation (in appropriate ways for adults, youth, and the parents bringing infants for baptism) – even marriage preparation
– identifying their own present daily mission fields; see Appendices A (The Questions for Each Mission Field) and C (Discerning Present Concerns an Goals as Missions) of When The Members Are The Missionaries and its revisions on for ways to do so
– what counts is that all know that to be part of the church is, first and foremost, is to be part of the mission of Jesus Christ

in church organizations

– plan some form of mission discernment as part of Advent, Epiphany, and Lenten observance in organizations and groups – every member has a right to guidance in discerning their daily missions

in church communications

– make sure that signs, newspaper ads and stories, Sunday bulletins, mailers – all – bear the message of living the mission in daily life

For an expanded list, see Basic Tools 17 (Congregational missions that support member missions).