Bob: Teaching prisoners about Islam

Bob talks about his mission teaching prisoners about Islam.

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(3:27 min.)
00:00 – 0:34 Bob and where he teaches.
[The class with 10-15 participants meets monthly for five months for 90 minutes at a time.]
00:34 – 01:34 The subject, “Books about Muslim Journeys,” and the novel discussed at the last class by a Pakistani woman about opposition politicos and their fate.
01:34 – 02:16 The prisoners’ “bright” response and what they are like.
02:16 – 03:13 How is God at work in Bob, the prisoners, and the prison? Bob sees Jesus as present between people; if you don’t put yourself between people whose views differ from yours, you miss what he is about; Jesus is in the middle.
03:13 – 03:25 Thanks, Bob