Basic Tools 33: Theological Principles: overcoming evil, sin and death

Theological principles God is on mission to overcome evil, sin, and death.  God is on mission everywhere all the time.  God is always working with us and through us to make the world all that it can be.  Right now, teachers are helping children learn to read; aid workers are distributing food to the hungry; […]

Basic Tools 32: Some Background

Some background on the “member mission” vision and what it can do for pastors  Why “member mission?” — First, a clarification of the issues that have led to our vision.  In today’s world, the laity are, potentially, the most effective agents of God’s mission.  They are in the places where the decisions that shape our […]

Basic Tools 31: Editorial Comment and Listings

WHEN THE MEMBERS ARE THE MISSIONARIES: An Extraordinary Calling for Ordinary People By: A. Wayne Schwab   EDITORIAL COMMENT AND LISTINGS  Sewanee Theological Review, Easter, 2005:  R. D. Hughes III, Prof. of Systematic Theology and Spirituality wrote, “Clergy and lay leaders alike who are concerned to develop a heart and mind for mission in a congregation […]

Basic Tools 27: Some reading for ministry and mission in daily life

1958 – Hendrik Kraemer, A Theology of the Laity, Westminster – the central place of the laity in the church and its mission 1966 – Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World (available through Amazon) – the Christian in daily life 1971 – Mark Gibbs and Ralph Morton, God’s Lively People (available through […]

Basic Tools 34: Hints for Using the Mission Discernment Form for Trainers and Leaders of Member Mission

The pattern of the mission discernment forms First, a word about “discernment” in the title.  Webster’s (1) defines it in a charming way: “to detect with the eyes a figure approaching through the fog.”  Discerning what God wants is never a fully error-free perception.  Test what you discern: do you sense love or justice present […]