Working-Class Blues (and Grays)

  “Working-Class Blues (and Grays)” by Sherry Lee Likon in Sojouners (July 2016).  Frustration and resentment can draw working-class people in multiple directions – including activism.  Faith-based people can help channel this activism to make various parts of life more just; we need to be part of the answer.  A related biblical theme: “But he […]

World Without Nuclear Weapons, A

Some facts about nuclear weapons and their source.

Your Waitress, Your Professor

“Your Waitress, Your Professor” by Brittany Bronson, an English instructor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the NY Times of 12/18/14. Advance degrees and licenses can require “working-class” jobs to make ends meet. A similar biblical theme: “. . . the laborer deserves to be paid” (Luke 10:7).