E. J. Dionne on Liberty and Community

Balancing liberty and community.

Earth Ministry

Training for working on environmental and social justice issues.

Educating All God’s Children

How congregations can help our schools.

Everything You’ve Heard about Failing Schools is Wrong

One “failing” school that is really doing well.

Finding God in Silicon Valley

“Finding God in Silicon Valley” – Religion and Ethics Newsweekly of 4/3/15 interviews the head of VMware who sees his company as a church and the head of Carpenters Code which seeks to connect Silicon Valley workers with God.  Comment on their values: success of their families; success of the organization; and wisdom.  Where are […]

For more grace filled sports see “Doing Unto Others, Off and On the Tennis Court”

Not being overly competitive.

Frances Perkins on Christians in politics

Political activity is every Christians responsibility.

God, Darwin and My Biology Class

“God, Darwin and My Biology Class” by David P. Barash, professor of psychology at the Univ. of Washington on the compatibility of evolution and religion, the need to rethink just how one sees the omnipotent and omni-benevolent God and the fact of unmerited suffering, NY Times 9/27/14. Biblical reference: “You desire truth in the inward […]

Great American Water Crisis, The

Ways to resist groups buying up our water supply.

How Children Succeed

Freedom from stress at home and good teachers make the difference.