Great American Water Crisis, The

Ways to resist groups buying up our water supply.

How Children Succeed

Freedom from stress at home and good teachers make the difference.

How Evangelicals Became White

    “How Evangelicals Became White” by The Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas, dean of Episcopal Divinity School in Sojourners (April 2018).  America’s Pilgrim and Puritan forebears “believed themselves descendants of an ancient Anglo-Saxon people, ‘free from the taint of intermarriages,’ who uniquely possessed high moral values and an ‘instinctive love for freedom.’”   A related […]

How Kids Learn Prejudice

“How Kids Learn Prejudice” by Katherine D. Kinzler from The Sunday Review of The New York Times (10/21/16).  “Children are cultural sponges: . . . Unfortunately, this includes learning your society’s explicit and implicit views of the status and worth of different social groups. . . . An association between status and group membership can […]

How to see God at work in a mission field.

Help with discerning good at work.

How to Suppress the Vote

“How to Suppress the Vote” by Bob Smietana, senior writer of Facts and Trends magazine and president of the Religion Newswriters Association, in the November 2014 issue of Sojourners. Help for voters to resist four ways used to influence people to accept suppressing the vote of specific groups of people. A similar biblical theme: “. […]

Hyphenated life: Mixed loyalties in family life and faith

“Hyphenated life: Mixed loyalties in family life and faith” by Joyce Shin in The Christian Century of 12/10/14. Living well when a couple mixes faith or culture or both. Biblical reference: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” […]

In Their Missions in Daily Life Shared with Christ

To inspire and support all baptized people  —   By A. Wayne Schwab — These lines are intended primarily for individual Christians, seeking inspiration, support, and guidance for their daily life missions in Christ through Bible reading and worship. They may be useful to preachers and teachers as well. Church symbols call for imagination.  How does […]

Inequality is a Choice

“Inequality is a Choice” by Nicholas Kristof in the NY Times of 5/2/15. Ways to reduce inequality are listed and making the needed changes is our responsibility as citizens. A related biblical theme from Isaiah’s vision of the new earth God will create: “They shall build houses and inhabit them; they shall plant vineyards and […]

Inside every Christian is a Jew, says Francis

“Inside every Christian is a Jew”, says Francis, by Josephine McKenna.  The Pope on the close ties between Christianity and Judaism;