Mission in spite of empire

“Mission in spite of empire” by Sarah Hinlicky Wilson in The Chrisitian Century of 9/17/14; a missionary who enhanced rather than dismiss Tamil culture. Biblical reference: “Whoever is not against us is for us.” (Mark 9:40).  https://www.christiancentury.org/article/2014-08/mission-spite-empire?print?reload=1552066655966  

Moral Animal, The

Religion counters our consumerism.

Mothers in prison

“Mothers in prison” by Nicholas Kristof in the Sunday review, NYT (11/27/16).  “America now incarcerates eight times as many women as in 1980, and only Thailand seems to imprison women at a higher rate . . . a model program in Tulsa called Women in Recovery . . . reduces the number of women in […]

Nine Ways to Organize the Next Civil Rights Movement

Organizing for civil rights.

One Woman at a Time: A Healthy Africa Begins with Healthy Mothers and Children

“One Woman at a Time: A Healthy Africa Begins with Healthy Mothers and Children” by Reed Mc Manus. Africans have the highest fertility rate and the highest infant mortality rate and an outline of solutions that help – “empowering women to make educated family- planning choices is the most effective way.” A similar biblical reference: […]

Other kinds of others

“Other kinds of others” by Jesse James DeConto in the Christian Century, (8/9/16).  “It was the congregation’s open and affirming stance that brought Robbyn Davis-Ellison to United Church of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but it was the commitment to racial justice that kept her there.  Davis-Ellison, who is black and gay, grew up in a […]

Parents are top influence in teens remaining active in religion as young adults

“Parents are top influence in teens remaining active in religion as young adults”mm by David Briggs in The Christian Century of 11/5/14. Parents who practice what they preach and who preach what they practice are the biggest influence on adolescents keeping the faith in their twenties. A similar biblical theme: “Keep these words that I am […]

Plight of the poor, especially children, The

Help children to read!

Pot Rules

The New York Times By Maureen Dowd, June 7, 2014 “WASHINGTON — IN the last chapter, I covered how not to get high. In this one, I will cover how to get high. After my admission that I did a foolish thing in Denver — failing to realize that consuming a single square, about a quarter, […]

Prudent Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity

“Prudent Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity” by Jane Brody from the NY Times of 6/22/15. Give up sugar-sweetened beverages; remove them from school menus, and ask child-care and pre-school places to increase physical activity and screen time and avoid soft drinks. A similar biblical theme: “It would be better for you if a millstone were […]