Science of why we don’t believe in science; We Can’t Handle the Truth, The

How to work with new truth.

Self-Esteem Trap: Raising Confident And Compassionate Kids In An Age Of Self-Importance, The

Avoiding the trap of self-esteem.

Selling the Protected Area Myth

  “Selling the Protected Area Myth” by Richard Coniff, a contributing opinion writer, in The New York Times (6/10/18). “[Change] will at times entail setting aside our profits and our precious convenience . . . But the alternative is to spend our lives in a world increasingly without wildlife.”  A related biblical theme: “They will not hurt or […]

Sexually assaulted at UVA

“Sexually assaulted at UVA” by Jenny Wilkinson in the Sunday Review of the New York Times for 4/5/15. Wilkinson is a veterinarian and a lecturer in equine science at UVM. She calls for colleges and universities to find better ways to deal with sexual assault than current practices that can be a letter placed in […]

Social justice parenting

Raising a socially aware son or daughter.

Social Programs That Work

“Social Programs That Work” by Ron Haskins in the NY Times of 1/1/15. Rigorous evidence can inform spending with examples of programs that have worked well. Biblical reference: “All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one” (from the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:37).

The Ambition Explosion

Wider World—“The Ambition Explosion” by David Brooks in the New York Times, (11/27/14).  “In 1976, Daniel Bell published a book called “The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism.” Bell argued that capitalism undermines itself because it nurtures a population of ever more self-gratifying consumers.”  A related biblical theme:  “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set […]

The Church Year, Lectionary, Proper Liturgies For Special Days, and The Calendar

TO INSPIRE AND SUPPORT ALL BAPTIZED PEOPLE IN THEIR MISSIONS IN DAILY LIFE SHARED WITH CHRIST — This article is intended primarily for individual Christians, seeking inspiration, support, and guidance for their daily life missions in Christ through Bible reading and worship; they may be useful to preachers and teachers as well. Church symbols call […]

The Cost of a Decline in Unions

“The Cost of a Decline in Unions” by Nicholas Kristof in the NY Times of 2/19/15. “The abuses [of unions] are real. But, as unions wane in American life, it’s also increasingly clear that they were doing a lot of good in sustaining middle class life — especially the private-sector unions that are now dwindling.” […]

The Decisive Marriage

“The Decisive Marriage,” by Tara Parker-Pope, couples that make decisions about their relationship are happier,