Christmas dinner: can it restore regular and spiritually open meals together?

What eating together can do.

Craig and Wayne: Talk about a home mission

Talk about a home mission.  (forgive the bad recording)

Ernie and Gundy: A family dinner in an assisted living home

A family dinner in an assisted living home.

How Children Succeed

Freedom from stress at home and good teachers make the difference.

Hyphenated life: Mixed loyalties in family life and faith

“Hyphenated life: Mixed loyalties in family life and faith” by Joyce Shin in The Christian Century of 12/10/14. Living well when a couple mixes faith or culture or both. Biblical reference: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” […]

Jane’s Son Leads Her Into Community, Work, and Home Missions

Bringing home to the prison inmates.

Jesus Doll And Spiritual And Physical Health, The

How the Jesus doll improved her week.

Life App 1/15/16 to 1/21/16

A way to live at home: How painful it is when a family member does not love you.  You are tempted to hurt back; or to center only on being hurt.  Rather, look for ways to say over and over I still care for you and am ready to talk whenever you are. Based on […]

Life App for 10/2/15 to 10/9/15

To marry is a full commitment of yourself to another person, no marriage is perfect.  Face your differences.  Learn to live with them.  And grow.  You will find help at hand and from beyond. [A way to live Mark 10:2-16, one of the readings in many churches for the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost from the Revised Common Lectionary […]

Life App for 11/20/15 to 11/26/15

Couples can quarrel a lot.  What is the basic value of each or to whom or what is each member committed?  Compromises are easier to make when both are directed by the same or similar values, goals, or heroes. [A way to live John 18:33-37, one of the readings in many churches for the Last […]