Life Apps

Life apps are short texts and reflections to spur member mission on a weekly basis. Each week, we offer a reflection and several quotes. To read the entire week's entry, click on its title.

Life Apps for the week of 11/23/14 to 11/29/14

A way to live: Can you see the needs of the powerful and successful?  They may be in need of correction.  They may be in need of humility.  One may thirst for equality and not know it.  Another may be hungry for a sense of the average person and not know it. [Suggested by 1 […]

Life Apps for the week of 11/16/14 to 11/22/14

A way to live: “If it doesn’t kill you , you will grow by it.”  Life brings stresses and strains.  Face them and cope with them.  You will grow by it.  Don’t forget that there really is a Spirit working in us to help us to endure and to grow. [Suggested by Matthew 25:14-30] More […]

Life Apps for the week of 11/9/14 to 11/15/14

A way we are living: “Fail to plan and you plan to fail,” said my sales manager.  Failing to plan means you are counting on others to help you out when times are tight.  Don’t settle for the best you can do when caught short.  Plan ahead so you can do your best when times […]

Life Apps for the week 10/26/14 to 11/8/14

A way we are living: Love face-to-face and work at justice with a crowd or more.  What could be a simpler ethic?  What ethic is harder to live!  Do we ever need help to do so!  For some, help is the way the “universe” works.  For others, it is the Spirit ever-present to help –  […]

Life Apps for the week of 10/19/14 to 10/26/14

A way we are living: Be sure you fight the right battles.  Lose battles you cannot win.  Be sure your time and energy are given to fighting the battles for love and justice where you can make a difference. [A way to live Matthew 22:15-23]

Life Apps for the Week of 10/12/14 to 10/18/14

A way we are living: The Africans say, “I am because you are.”  They know we all lean on each other.  Do express yourself.  Do seek to do well in the path you are following.  And do remember you are being helped all the time by the rest of us in ways you do not […]

Life Apps for the week of 10/5/14 to 10/11/14

For this week: Watch being over-confident.  Listen with care to what others say about you.  If you hear something critical about yourself, think about it for two weeks.  If it fits, change.  If it doesn’t fit, forget it. [A way to live Matthew 21:33-46] More life apps Citizenship/Wider World:  “Combating ISIS,” transcript of a Religion […]

Week of 9/28/14 to 10/4/14

Self-reliance has to be relearned almost every day. When our lives are not going well, it is easy to blame others or social conditions. We may hear “tighten your belt” or “suck it up” from others. They are reminding us to be draw again on our own skills and wisdom and strength to endure. The Spirit works through us.
[Suggested by Exodus 17:1-7]

Week of 9/21/14 to 9/27/14

Being fair isn’t easy – especially, on public issues like unemployment. Action on fair hourly rates and aid to the unemployed begins in the heart of each one of us. A wise person said we are made to love and to work. Put both together in your heart as you think out where you stand on public issues about jobs. Then you are ready to talk with others. [Suggested by Matthew 20:1-16]

Week of 9/14/14 to 9/20/14

“Pay it forward” means do for someone else what has just been done for you. When you are forgiven for a wrongdoing of your own, be careful to forgive the next wrong done to you. Being a forgiving person is easier said than done. It’s a mighty work so pay it forward!