“Outside”: the Member Mission vision in one word

“Outside” summarizes the member mission vision in one word.

“Retiree” Keeps Working One of Her Mission Fields, A

At 75, she still works half-time as an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor.

Christmas dinner: can it restore regular and spiritually open meals together?

What eating together can do.

Church Combines Stewardship Planning and Member Mission, A

The daily mission of its members.

Connecting earth sustainability with “greening” your church

A large church learns to “green” itself.

Connecting with a coworker

Making peace at work.

Diocese of Taiwan Gives Birth to Member Mission

A trainer and ex-seminary faculty opens member mission in Taiwan.

Doing Confirmations with Shelburne’s Youth

High school confirm and discuss their daily missions with their parents.

Environmental work through an animated DVD

Teaching people about clean water and storm drains.

Father reflects on parenting, A

What he has learned from fathering.