Finishing college in his 40s to qualify for ordination

A 40-year old goes to college to qualify for ordination.

From decline to health through mission

Four questions help a small church’s members to get out of the building.

Funding Provides Computer Training In Tanzania

A leader increases his skills.

Hiking Helps

Hiking brings Steve back home to himself.

Jane’s Son Leads Her Into Community, Work, and Home Missions

Bringing home to the prison inmates.

Jesus Doll And Spiritual And Physical Health, The

How the Jesus doll improved her week.

Job seeker, his wife, and the Spirit, A  

His wife helps him to start a new career.

Kate forms a support group for gay and lesbian high schoolers

Her church sponsors a support group that the school would not support.

Marriage Supports Political Activism

A wife supports her husband’s work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Member Mission Dimension for Intercessions, A

What you pray to do as part of your prayers for others.