Member Mission Dimension for Intercessions, A

What you pray to do as part of your prayers for others.

Member mission teaching improves a marriage

Ending fighting and disagreements.

Militarized Policing

A resource to reflect on an issue raise by Ferguson, MO.

Missions in politics require both individuals and movements to achieve change.

Helps individuals and join movements, too!

Mother helps her nine-year-old with friends, A

A mother helps her nine-year-old with friends.

On mission on the road to Emmaus

Members write about life in each mission field during Eastertide at Trinity Church, Plattsburgh, NY

Post-tornado: rebuilding, helping, and finding a friend in Alabama

Alabama woman rebuilds tornado damaged home.

Rebecca’s 1,500 mile bike trip

Meeting God on a 1,500 mile bike trip.

Safe passage into fuller life for dump-based families, A

Helping children get beyond finding food from the garbage dump.

Tanzanian Finds All of His Daily Missions, A

Tanzanian learns mission is Monday to Saturday, not just Sunday in church.