Member Mission Network Newsletter #124

Video: Prisoners learn English–Bishop Burnett commends MM–An expanding home mission–For Preaching and Teaching: “Biblical Faith, Fanatics and Extremists”–Member Mission Proverb–Resource: “The Rich Get Richer”–Meditation: Hunger fact–A fresh definition–e-books and Courtesy copies

Member Mission Network Newsletter #123

A CEO helps non-profits in Ghana – “Transformational . . . responsibility on us . . . a less intimidating manner” – Resource: Culture of Intolerance: Chauvinism, Class, and Racism in the United States – Member Mission Proverb – Sermon “fodder” for summer preaching – Hint – Meditation: Frances Perkins on Christians in politics – e-books [Read More…]

Member Mission News #122

Member Mission Network Newsletter #122 Listening for the Spirit Contents: Volunteer mid-wife in Navajoland – 12-year-old starts work to advance Bedouin women – Resource: Four-week unit on sexuality for mixed groups of 9th graders – Sermon / Slide show / Talk for Pentecost season – Meditation: a challenge to current economic thinking and ethics – Member Mission Proverb – Hint for mission: talk values

Member Mission Network Newsletter #121

Contents: On commercial photography – An Eastertide sermon: “Seeing Jesus” – Blown away – Mountaineering – A fresh theology for mission – Divesting from fossil fuels? – A consultant for your church – Brian McLaren’s “mediatation” – An MM proverb

Member Mission Network Newsletter #120

Member Mission Network Newsletter #120 New Ways in Repentance Contents: Housing for the poor – Protecting your children – Move from Thinking to Doing – Fresh Talk of Member Mission – Preach into Member Mission – Timely Resources: Millennial Searchers – A Sermon for Lent: Repentance Seen Afresh – Meditation: Which Comes First – An MM Proverb – Building […]

Member Mission Network News #119

MemberMission Network News #119 The Missionary Season Contents: Teaching prisoners video – Hiking helps – a story – A hot “missional” resource – A hint that works – An Epiphany mission sermon – A key to finding a mission – For Meditation – Building for the future – An MM proverb Click here to view the […]

Member Mission News #118

Cindy Balances Justice and Mercy at Work (2:35 min. video) Wayne talks with Cindy S. about a work mission A Hot Resource “The Great American Water Crisis” – groups are trying to buy up our water supply and sell it back to us at a premium; why it matters and how consumer groups and faith communities are […]

Newsletter 117: Translating Baptism Into Daily Life

Newsletter 116: Connecting Faith and Life

• Taking the Jesus Doll Home for a Week
• What Another Church Wants Most
• Funding Provides Computer Training
• Faye Conte of HungerFree Vermont
• The Jesus Doll and Spiritual and Physical Health
• Community Worksheet Sharpens Mission in Tanzania
• Religion and the Environment
• Review: The Self-Esteem Trap
• Alistair McIntyre on Economics and Religion

Newsletter 115: Life in the Spirit

• For some fresh ways to talk about taking “church” into daily life
• Join the webinar on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 4:00 p, ET
• Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict
• Preaching God’s Transforming Justice
• Augustin Hubert tells of recovering the lost Anglo members of a recently Hispanic congregation – a church mission
• A nation of narcissists?
• A mission at home in Tanzania
• Help to rebuild a marriage
• A member mission guide for Pentecost