Newsletter 114: New Life and Power – Easter to Pentecost

• To prepare for Pentecost
• “Introducing Member Mission” by webinar
• A member mission guide for Eastertide
• Springtime for stewardship and member mission
• Jim Wallis’ book, On God’s Side
• Baptismal Mission Forum
• What do you mean, Christian?
• Try Leslie’s gifts for high school grads – a home mission

Newsletter 113: Preparing for New Life

• Returning: Webinar MM 101 – “Meet member mission”
• Seminaries dig in
• Trinity Church, Plattsburgh, NY
• A Tanzanian finds all of his daily missions
• Earth Ministry
• “A world without nuclear weapons”
• Living What attracted two young adults to stay in the church they visited
• Dick Bell sugars in Vermont for his family and friends – a leisure mission

Newsletter 112: Safe Passage

• A safe passage into fuller life for dump‐based families
• Member Mission 101 – a webinar
• A call for a new social covenant
• Living What attracted two young adults to stay in the church they visited
• Jessica Britt on YouTube

Newsletter 111: Church-based Missions

• From decline to health – a church mission
• Meet Member Mission – a webinar
• “What About this Good Neighbor Stuff?”
• Living as if God’s kingdom was here now, a wider world mission
• Ernie and Gundi tell of their family dinner

Newsletter 110: Birthing and Poor Children


Newsletter 109: Moving On!


Newsletter 108: Starting Up!

Newsletter 89: Epiphany Appearances

Newsletter 88: Where love and justice are needed, join Jesus who has come there already!


Newsletter 87: Doing Member Mission