Adventures in Love and Justice Podcast

Wayne and others share thoughts and encouragement for your member missions. Click on any title to listen.

#7 Justice now as well as then.

#6: Justice, Then and Now

#5 Love Then and Now

Love in the stories of Jesus. Reaching out to the unloved in our own day.

#4: Love in the Old Testament

How love is present in the Old Testament story of Hosea.

#3: How We Define Justice

Justice is equal access to the good things in life. Wayne uses a story from home life to show how this is part of God’s mission.  

#2: How We Define Love

In this episode, Wayne uses the story of a mission at work to define love and explain its role in God’s mission for us.

#1: Welcome to Adventures in Love and Justice

An introduction to the Member Mission ideas and how we got to creating the Member Mission Network. Invites listeners to imagine themselves joining God’s mission of love and justice 24/7/365.