Sermons and Presentations

Ideas for preaching and presenting about member mission.

A Stewardship Meditation

By A. Wayne Schwab [11/6/11 — it followed the baptism of a year-old girl] Meg (Margaret Roberts) has just joined God’s mission to make the world more loving and more just. This is a fresh way to understand baptism and God’s mission. Meg’s part in God’s mission is to respond to her parents’ love — […]

Active, not passive: following the Lord of love and justice By The Rev. A. Wayne Schwab

Be active and speak up on issues of love and justice.

Baptizing an adult By The Rev. A. Wayne Schwab

At a baptism of a woman at a church served as interim priest.

Being the Church Today: A Talk By Pastor Steve Willis

Church evaluation by the “market” or by the mission?

Biblical Faith, Fanatics, and Extremists By The Rev. Roger Alling

John’s story of the man born blind addresses both our own spiritual health and our mission to build spiritual health in the wider world.

Christmas 2006 By The Rev. A. Wayne Schwab

Jesus both leads and empowers us.

Common Good, The By The Rev. A. Wayne Schwab

The eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you.” No part of the body is inferior.

Conversations at the Well By The Rev. Dr. John T. Sorensen

Enacting the story and sermon on “living water” to help us to change.

Coping with Two of Today’s Temptations By The Rev. A. Wayne Schwab

Cope with avoiding the “deeper things” by sharing what each of us is doing to make life better in our daily places. Avoid the separation of worship and life by, each Sunday, “putting” your present concerns “into” the bread that is offered, blessed, broken, and given.

Daily Arenas as Mission Fields By The Rev. Dr. Meredith Woods Potter

Four people, including the preacher’s son, discover the arenas of their daily lives to be mission fields.