Sermons and Presentations

Ideas for preaching and presenting about member mission.

Economic justice

God leads us to economic justice.

Eternal Life is the Fountain of Hope

A spirituality grounded in hope is linked with our mission to change the world around us.

Faith + Works = Mission

To move out of complacency about how we are living as Christians, see how worship helps us to live as missionaries.

Faith and Works

“My life here at St. Paul’s [has helped me to see] we are God’s people everywhere we are and are his ministers and missionaries to the world wherever we are.”

Fig-Tree with Nothing but Leaves, A

Palm Sunday followed by a visit to the temple and the fig tree.

Filled with Grace

Preached on Consecration Sunday to culminate a stewardship teaching, the preacher tells of experiences of grace in a variety of contexts and concludes that all her listeners are filled with grace for all of their living.

Finding Our Daily Missions

“Loving and being just are our job as Christians. Members on mission can do even more than congregations on mission.”

Following the Lord of Love and Justice

The preacher shares some of what the Spirit has been leading him to learn and to see.

For All the Saints

Halloween, as many of you may know, has roots in older, darker traditions than the Christian faith …

For Economic Equality

Does the Bible describe not just some safe historical past but also who we are now; the kind of people we have been, the kind of people we are becoming? Is the Bible talking about us?