Sermons and Presentations

Ideas for preaching and presenting about member mission.

Missio Dei By The Rev. Kevin Hackett

Three sections: SSJE member Fr. Benson re what to center on; God’s mission has a church, not vice versa; and mission is what we are all about. [Correct spelling of Newbigin not Newbigen]

Mission of ‘Doing God’s Will’, The By The Rev. James L. Gill

The difference between congregational missions and member missions; we have seven daily mission fields; and the four marks of a mission.

Mission, the Church, and You Sermon By Elizabeth S. Hall

Helping members to see that God’s mission has a church rather than the church has a mission; and to discover their part in God’s mission in each area of their daily life.

Missionaries One and All

By A. Wayne Schwab Is not God most concerned about how we live from Monday to Saturday? Are not Sunday and all of church life intended to provide guidance and power for our Monday to Saturday living? Therefore, congregations appropriately make their basic purpose that of supporting the members in their daily living as Christians. […]

Moral Animal Sermon, The By Rabbi Johnath Sacks

“Not survival of the fittest” but building a community and supporting the common good make a species survive. “Religion is the best antidote to the individualism of the consumer age.”

Moral Conviction and Our Christian Responsibility By The Rev. J. Barney Hawkins, IV

Ask the hard questions within the church for the sake of the world.

Not Members, but Missionaries By The Rev. Michelle Puzin Mooney

“Friends in Christ, I believe that I stand on firm ground when I say that ‘to be an Episcopalian is to be a missionary, not a member of a particular denomination of the Church of God.'”

Our Six Mission Fields By The Rev. A. Wayne Schwab

“Our lives have six arenas we are in every week – our homes, our work, our local community, the wider world, and our leisure, as well as our church. We are called to be on mission in each of them.”

Palm Sunday is always a favorite day By The Rev. A. Wayne Schwab

I discovered this verse recently. The RSV has it right – “deeds of power” – dunamis – our word “dynamic” comes from it. “As he was … Luke 19:37.

Preaching and Politics: A Talk By Ronald D. Sisk

The last paragraph lists questions for the preacher can ask herself.