Sermons and Presentations

Ideas for preaching and presenting about member mission.

What Is Deeper Than The Grave: Love, Care and Life By The Rev. Pam Lucas

Some clergy reflect on their mortality.

What Member Mission Will Do for You By Elizabeth S. Hall

Thinking about your missions in the church; we’ll expand that thinking into what happens out in the world because that’s where we all spend the vast majority of our time.

What mission guides our proselytizing?

By A. Wayne Schwab — April 17, 2009 I read about persecution of Christians for proselytizing in countries where other faiths dominate. Just what is the message coming across from the Christians? How do we understand our mission? What is our mission as the church? To make disciples; to reconcile people to God; to convert […]

What We Parents Must Do By Jim Wallis

When deciding what to do about gun violence, be guided by putting children, not politics first.

When is Sunday? By The Rev. Armand E. Larive

“Sunday is given to me as a day to remember that God’s grace and the Son’s resurrection goes ahead of me that this divine work proceeds and supports my work when I work well.”

When the Members are the Missionaries: By The Rev. Peter Champion

Member Mission is not a “new program” or a new way to “do church.” It is a biblical way to look at our daily lives.