Ordinary people joining God's mission of love and justice. Video interviews describing member missions.

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Ana Georgescu: Describes her college chaplaincy work at SUNY in Plattsburgh

Ana Georgescu describes her college chaplaincy work at SUNY of New York in Plattsburgh.

Andreas: A commercial photographer

Andreas is a commercial photographer. (4:00 min. video) 00:00 – Andreas Kuehn – what he photographs and what he likes. 01:02 – Values he finds in his work. 01:56 – He comments on the idea that values can’t be proved but we live by them. 02:56 – Values he lives by and wants to pass on to his children. 04.00 […]

Andrew: Working with downsizing

Working with downsizing.

Augustin: Recovering the lost Anglo members of an Hispanic congregation

Augustin tells of recovering the lost Anglo members of a recently Hispanic congregation.

Barbara: Expectations are met

Expectations were met in a member mission workshop at St. Luke’s School of Theology in Sewanee, TN  

Bill Lippert: Describes serving in Vermont’s House of Representatives

Bill Lippert describes serving in Vermont’s House of Representatives.

Bob: Teaching prisoners about Islam

Bob talks about his mission teaching prisoners about Islam. (3:27 min.) 00:00 – 0:34 Bob and where he teaches. [The class with 10-15 participants meets monthly for five months for 90 minutes at a time.] 00:34 – 01:34 The subject, “Books about Muslim Journeys,” and the novel discussed at the last class by a Pakistani woman […]

Brendan: Likes bag piping — so do his college dorm mates

Brendan likes bag piping – so do his college dorm mates who fill the common when he plays. A leisure time mission.

Burt: God helps a student pilot

God helps a student pilot.

Carole: Housing poor people

Housing poor people. (5:02 min.) 00:00 – 00:30 – Where Carole worked. 00:30 – 01:30 – A rewarding program, “Self Sufficiency,” helped single mothers, especially. 01:30 – 02:30 – Funding for the counselors was hard to get; easier to get funding for “bricks and mortar” programs. 02:30 – 03:31 – The vastness of poverty is little […]