Ordinary people joining God's mission of love and justice. Video interviews describing member missions.

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Charlie: Church buildings on mission

Church buildings on mission.

Cindy G.: Briefs Kenyan mothers on childbirth

Briefs Kenyan mothers on childbirth. (10:16 min.) 0:00-2:56 – a nurse and mother, she runs a home for the physically disabled in response to sensing that God wanted it done. 2:26-3:22 – her mission for 10 days with Kenyan women. 3:22-4:44 – sharing what actually happens in their bodies during labor and delivery. 4:44-6:27 – […]

Cindy S.: Balances justice and mercy at work (forgive the bad recording)

Balances justice and mercy at work when correcting an employee. (2:35 min.)

Clare: A labor organizer and negotiator

A labor organizer and negotiator.

Combatting ISIS

“Combatting ISIS,” transcript of a Religion and News Weekly interview of Haris Tarin, director of the Washington office of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, 9/12/20; the response to ISIS must not be only military but has to be a social, an economic, education-based response.

Consumerism and the commercialization of childhood

“Consumerism and the commercialization of childhood” will be aided by an adaptation of Rescuing the Church from Consumerism by SPCK.  In 2003, only 50% of those entering school could recognize their own name, speak articulately, or count to five – 81% knew the Coca-Cola logo and 69% knew McDonald’s Golden Arches.  They know more about […]

Craig and Wayne: Talk about a home mission

Talk about a home mission.  (forgive the bad recording)

David: A church finds people to help

A church finds people to help in its neighborhood.

Dick: Sugars in Vermont for his family and friends

Dick sugars in Vermont for his family and friends.

E. J. Dionne on Liberty and Community

Balancing liberty and community.