Ordinary people joining God's mission of love and justice. Video interviews describing member missions.

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Howdy: Serves 3’s and their parents

Howdy serves 3’s and their parents.

Jacob: Helps 6th–12th graders find God

Helps 6th–12th graders find God.

Jason: Talks faith at college

Talks faith at college.

Jeff Glover: Co-chair of the Food Shelf in Hinesburg, VT

Co-chair of the Food Shelf in Hinesburg, VT. (8:31 min.) 0:00 – 01:07 – How he works there. 1:08 – 02:05 – What led him to take up this work? 2:05 – 04:17 – How did he see God at work there? 4:18 -05:33 – How does he see God helping him now? 5:34 – […]

Jeff: A whistle blower survives

A whistle blower survives and why he blew the whistle.

Jessica: Working with Safe Passage at the Guatemala City dump

Working with Safe Passage at the Guatemala City dump.

Jim: Prisoners learn English

Prisoners learn English. (a 6:02 min. video) [Jim, an ex-ferry boat owner, has taught English as a second language for 13 years at the Incarceration Facility in Mineville, NY. Run like a boot-camp, qualified prisoners serve six months and, if satisfactory, are paroled. His students are usually under 25, come with all levels of education, […]

Kristin: CEO helps non-profits in Ghana

CEO helps non-profits in Ghana.  (6:50 min. video) [Kristin once worked for the US Government in foreign aid projects.  Do be patient with background noise.] 00:00 – Kristin’s company helps non-profits to assist developing countries with economic, agricultural, and environmental projects. 00:44 – In Ghana to observe feeding and renewable energy programs. 01:10 – A startling […]

Leslie: High school graduation gift

A high school graduation gift for her nieces and nephews.

Liz: Volunteers to tutor 3rd and 4th grades

Volunteers to tutor 3rd and 4th grades.