“Retiree” Keeps Working One of Her Mission Fields, A

At 75, she still works half-time as an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor.

Andreas: A commercial photographer

Andreas is a commercial photographer. (4:00 min. video) 00:00 – Andreas Kuehn – what he photographs and what he likes. 01:02 – Values he finds in his work. 01:56 – He comments on the idea that values can’t be proved but we live by them. 02:56 – Values he lives by and wants to pass on to his children. 04.00 […]

Andrew: Working with downsizing

Working with downsizing.

Better Pay Now

Dec. 1, 2013 By Paul Krugman “The last few decades have been tough for many American workers, but especially hard on those employed in retail trade — a category that includes both the sales clerks at your local Walmart and the staff at your local McDonald’s. Despite the lingering effects of the financial crisis, America is […]

Bill Lippert: Describes serving in Vermont’s House of Representatives

Bill Lippert describes serving in Vermont’s House of Representatives.

Burt: God helps a student pilot

God helps a student pilot.

Cindy S.: Balances justice and mercy at work (forgive the bad recording)

Balances justice and mercy at work when correcting an employee. (2:35 min.)

Clare: A labor organizer and negotiator

A labor organizer and negotiator.

Connecting with a coworker

Making peace at work.

Environmental work through an animated DVD

Teaching people about clean water and storm drains.