“Retiree” Keeps Working One of Her Mission Fields, A

At 75, she still works half-time as an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor.

Andreas: A commercial photographer

Andreas is a commercial photographer. (4:00 min. video) 00:00 – Andreas Kuehn – what he photographs and what he likes. 01:02 – Values he finds in his work. 01:56 – He comments on the idea that values can’t be proved but we live by them. 02:56 – Values he lives by and wants to pass on to his children. 04.00 […]

Andrew: Working with downsizing

Working with downsizing.

Bill Lippert: Describes serving in Vermont’s House of Representatives

Bill Lippert describes serving in Vermont’s House of Representatives.

Burt: God helps a student pilot

God helps a student pilot.

Cindy S.: Balances justice and mercy at work (forgive the bad recording)

Balances justice and mercy at work when correcting an employee. (2:35 min.)

Clare: A labor organizer and negotiator

A labor organizer and negotiator.

Connecting with a coworker

Making peace at work.

Environmental work through an animated DVD

Teaching people about clean water and storm drains.

Faye: A director of Hunger Free Vermont

A director of Hunger Free Vermont.