Preparing for a Member Mission Day

Ideas for the leader of a day long introduction to the Member Mission vision.

Recovering the Daily Missions of Each of the Baptized — for Seminarians

An hour-long session for interested students at Berkeley Divinity School.

Resource for Advent or Epiphany, A

Four Steps for Building Stronger Ambassadors as in Ephesians 4

Study Guide for “When the Members are the Missionaries”

Background for six sessions with background for the leader.

Three Hour Workshop: When the Members Are the Missionaries, A

Saturday morning in Scottsdale, AZ. [3 Hours]

Today’s Primary Missionaries and Their Formation

Three hours with seminary students in Berkley, CA. [3 to 3 3/4 HOURS]

Vision Workshop for a Vestry / Official Board, A

A six hour workshop to arrive at a vision statement. [6 HOURS]

When the Members are the Missionaries Introductory Session

Introducing the daily missions of the members (90 minutes)– 45 people

Workshop on Ministry in Daily Life

Day-long workshop in Evanston, WY.