Connecting earth sustainability with “greening” your church

At St. Philips-in-the-Hills, Tucson, AZ, a small group has been living member mission for five years.  As the group worked on their missions,  Donna Cosulich, PhD, retired research chemist, solar panelsdecided to take on global warming as her mission to the wider world.  With team mates from the church, she started quarterly forums on earth sustainability and linked it to their faith as “Greening our Faith.”

Many professors from the University of Arizona were enlisted as presenters.  Actions were taken by the Parish Green Team to make the Parish “greener:” recycling; reminders  to turn off the lights when leaving a room; installing condensed florescent light bulbs where appropriate; and joining the “” movement through a tree planting day on the church campus.  Now, thanks to a generous donor, a 160 KW solar energy system is being installed in the church parking lot.  This will reduce the church’s carbon dioxide footprint by 70%, provide a shaded parking area and reduce heat absorption by the black asphalt under the structure.