Connecting with a coworker

Work situations aren’t perfect and at some point I felt a coworker didn’t like me . . . and worse yet . . .  Thought I was inadequate for the job!  I was not sue how to deal with this situation and found that handing it over to God and seeking counsel from people I trusted helped me.  The problem was one of clashing personality types and erroneous perceptions on both our parts.

We bridged the gap and found respect for one another.  We have become allies.  When push came to shove she was the one who helped me at a critical turn.  How she did it and why doesn’t really matter . . .  She stepped up to the plate and I know it . . . that’s what matters most.  The tables have turned and I am helping her out now. I am being supportive and she wants my help.

We all have critical work to do for the Lord.  We are all missionaries in one way or another.  No one else can replace us or our individual contributions.  Our missions don’t end with Sunday’s closing hymn, they are just beginning.