Diocese of Taiwan Gives Birth to Member Mission

The Archdiocese of Hong Kong invited Peyton Craighill, one of our trainers, to Hong Kong to give a paper on the Anglican Church’s presence in China from 1835‐1941. He lived in Nanchang, capitol of Jiangxi Province, from his birth in 1929 until 1937, when the Japanese invaded China. His father was in charge of the Chinese Anglican Church mission in Jiangxi from 1918‐1940. In 1940, his father became bishop of the whole diocese that he had served. Peyton’s family lived in China until 1941, when the threat of war forced them to move to America. Peyton saw this trip to Hong Kong as a chance to carry the Member Mission vision to Taiwan where he had served on the faculty of the seminary in Taiwan from 1961‐1978. Taiwanese leaders were happy to take up his offer for such training.   Assisted often by President A. C. Chang, the retired president of St. John’s University near Taipei. Peyton offered Saturday workshops for lay members and clergy at the Church of the Good Shepherd in the Shihlin District of Taipei and at St. John’s Cathedral in Taipei on May 26th, and June 2, 2013.  In between, on May 29‐30, 2013, he led a clergy retreat.