Environmental work through an animated DVD

downloadJim served as the Environmental and Safety Manager for Aberdeen in Harford County, MD.  Teaching people about clean water and storm drains was one of his specific responsibilities. He got this teaching across in a DVD called  “Storm Drains and Turtle Games” that is a presentation suitable for all ages.
The action starts with interviewer, Ebb Floodwater, on the street asking people, “Where does the rain water go when it enters the storm drain?”  To which an assortment of interesting (but incorrect) answers are offered.  Enter Shelly, the adventurous and determined animated turtle, to the scene to provide her perspective while she travels and encounters talking toilets, chattering storm drains and the dastardly Cigarette Butt Monster.  Throw in some excitable frogs (fans of Shelly) and a stray golf ball and you have an unexpected episode of action and environmental education.
The project started small and grew with the help of a local TV channel which aired it for six months one summer throughout the county.  Jim enlisted some of his own family as volunteers.  He continued to display it at environmental meetings and it has been placed in local and school libraries.  Jim commented, “It is for God’s green earth that I do stuff like this.”