Hiking Helps

Hikers_with_packsJanet’s friend, Steve, owned a home business. His marriage was deteriorating because he had been so focused on his business. he hadn’t the time to take care of his own leisure by relaxing.  That affected his marriage and family. Steve had been Janet’s friend for twenty years, but they had lost touch. Janet’s sister also knew Steve and talked him into being a surprise guest at her family’s Thanksgiving Dinner.  Then, Janet took him hiking in the Adirondacks – a much loved activity Steve had not done for some time.  Steve recovered much of his lost spirit by resuming hiking.  His friends were happy to see the change and told Janet to take him more often. When hiking, Steve was able to reflect on how he had created the problems in his marriage.  While the marriage had passed the point of rebuilding, hiking had restarted Steve on a once familiar path.  Hiking made him feel young again.  Janet believed that God was using her sister to help reconnect the friendship with Steve and their common love of hiking.