Jane’s Son Leads Her Into Community, Work, and Home Missions

As her group moved through the worksheets for each daily mission field in Lent of 2010 (see pp.  38-45 of Living the Gospel), Jane took a deeper look at the parents who, like her, were visiting their sons at the prison.  Connecting more closely with them became her mission in this special prison“community” – a group she would not have met elsewhere.  Talking of how to cope often led into seeking God’s help to cope.  Several reconnected with their faith and their churches.  When her son was released for a support group, she continued her concern for prisoners and their families by joining Kairos, a prison ministry, for a weekend of faith renewal for prisoners at any prison.

small home

Further, Jane carried this concern into her daily work as an analyst for employment and human services for the community services agency of her county.  Through Head Start run by the agency, she started a way to connect incarcerated parents with their children.  With the education coordinator, she provided tape recorders for prisoners to read stories to their children followed by questions for them to ask their children to continue the learning from the stories.  Then, the children’s responses are taped for their parents to hear in prison.  The materials are in both English and Spanish.

Still further, at home, she has been led to make sure that her significant other has enough space for his own things in their home. They find that doing projects together is expressing their love for each other.

She comments, “I feel inspired each day!”