Life App 1/15/16 to 1/21/16

A way to live at home:

How painful it is when a family member does not love you.  You are tempted to hurt back; or to center only on being hurt.  Rather, look for ways to say over and over I still care for you and am ready to talk whenever you are.

Based on Matthew 5:43-48

[A way to live in your at home mission field; suggested by this reading in many churches for The Second Sunday of Epiphany from the Revised Common Lectionary for 1/17/16.  Jesus opposes loving only your neighbors while hating your enemies.  Love your enemies and pray for them.  God cares for all whether good or evil.  Love when the other does not love you.  That is God’s way.  Follow it.

Among the life experiences reflected in this passage, think of the painful experience of a member of your family who does not love you.  The life app above is a way to live that experience.]