Life App for 10/10/15 to 10/16/15

How honest can I be with my boss?  How caring can I be with my co-workers?  Reflect and pray about what to do.  Be prepared for surprises or for hard times.  Have you supports lined up?

[A way to live Mark 10:17-31, one of the readings in many churches for the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost from the Revised Common Lectionary for 10/11/15.  A wealthy man hears the one thing he needs to do for eternal life is to sell what he has and give it to the poor.  The man left sorrowful because of his wealth.  The twelve disciples asked, “Who can get into heaven if the wealthy cannot?”  Jesus replies, ” God will find a way.” Peter says, “We left all to follow you.”  Jesus replies, “Who gives up all will receive eternal life.”]