Life App for 10/14/16 to 10/20/16

A way to live in your community

Is your group having a hard time fixing some unjust condition in your community?  Do not give up trying.  Your opponents may give up just to end your pressure on them.

Based on Luke 18:1-8

[A way to live in your community based on Luke 18:1-8, a reading from The Revised Common Lectionary for The Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost, 10/16/16.  Jesus uses a parable to tell his disciples never to give up praying for help.  A judge had no respect for God’s bias in favor of people with little power or influence; or for people in need.  Over and over, he refuses to help a widow who needs justice to protect her from an opponent.  She keeps on asking.  Just to stop being bothered by her, the judge says to himself that he would give her justice.   Jesus says learn from the judge.  If the judge, unjust as he was, would help the widow, how much more quickly would God give justice to God’s “chosen” ones?  The “chosen” are those suffering at the hands of others.  Jesus ends wondering if the Son of Man will find people who pray in spite of oppression when he comes at the end of time, at the Last Judgment.

A theme:  God helps people who are the victims of the oppressive ways of others.]