Life App for 1/21/17 to 1/26/17

A way to live a mission in the wider world:
As you care for the sick, trust God to work with you.

 Matthew 4: 12-23

A way to live a mission in the wider world based on Matthew 4: 12-23, a reading from The Revised Common Lectionary for the Third Sunday after the Epiphany, 1/22/17.  When Jesus hears John has been arrested, he moves to Capernaum.   Once there, he begins to proclaim the Kingdom.  This fulfills the prophecy of “light” coming from this region.  As Jesus walks by the sea, he meets Peter and Andrew who are casting their nets for fish.  He calls them to follow him.  They drop all and follow him.  When he meets and calls James and John, they respond instantly, too.  Jesus continues throughout Galilee teaching proclaiming the Kingdom and healing.

A theme:  Jesus spreads the news that God’s Kingdom or reign “has come near.”  The power of the proclamation is shown in the healing of sickness.