Life App for 12/18/15 to 12/24/15

What values guide your life?  Are they making your life more caring and fair?  Spiritually speaking, they are the “lords” of your life.  Want to make some changes?  [A way to live Luke 1:39-55 your spiritual life.]

[A way to live your spiritual life Luke 1:39-55; suggested by one of the readings in many churches for the Fourth Sunday of Advent from the Revised Common Lectionary for 12/20/15.  Luke tells us, Mary has conceived a child who will be called Son of God.  She hears her cousin, Elizabeth, has also conceived and visits her.  Elizabeth’s child, who will become John the Baptist, “leaps” in her womb as if he senses someone special has come.  Mary’s child will fulfill God’s promises to Israel.  Mary praises God for the righting of wrongs and the justice his offering will bring.]