Life App for 12/2/16 to 12/8/16

A way to live your mission at work

Change any ways of doing your work that are wrong—with God’s help.

Based on Matthew 3:1-12

[A way to live you mission at work based on Matthew 3:1-12, a reading from The Revised Common Lectionary for the Second Sunday of Advent, 12/4/16.  John the Baptist comes proclaiming that people should repent because God will soon begin his rule among us.  John comes with little clothing and has been eating locusts and honey for food.  Crowds come to him and he baptizes them in the Jordan.  They confess their wrongs as a sign of their intent to change.  (Repent means changing the ways one lives.)  When some leaders come, he asks who warned them to come.  The leaders should stop relying on being descendants of Abraham to have God’s favor.  God can make children of Abraham from stones.  John saying, Bear good fruit in your living or be cut down like a tree that bears bad fruit.  John baptizes them (dips them in the river) as a sign of their repentance.  One is coming greater than he who baptizes “with the Holy Spirits and with fire.”

A theme:  God sees wrong doing so change your ways of living now.]