Life App for 1/22/16 to 1/28/16

In your daily work:

Know that all real and valuable work makes the world more loving and more just.  Think out how your work makes life more just and fair. Think out how your work makes life more loving and caring for all.

Based on Luke 4:14-21

[A way to live in your daily work mission field; suggested by this reading in many churches for The Third Sunday of Epiphany from the Revise Common Lectionary for 1/24/16.  Jesus returns to the synagogue in Nazareth where he grew up.  He reads a lesson from Isaiah about Israel’s helper who is coming.  He will bring justice and love for all in need.  He comments that the promise is fulfilled in him.

See Jesus as a  worker like us who had a special work to do.  He makes us ask ourselves about our work and how we are doing it.]