Life App for 12/4/15 to 12/10/15

Seeking a “common good” is a good way to describe a social goal where everyone has a chance at a good life.  Each has to make his or her own personal changes to achieve it.  Take heart for the Spirit of Justice is stronger than the Spirit of Injustice.

[A way to live Luke 3:1-6, one of the readings in many churches for the Second Sunday of Advent from  the Revised Common Lectionary for 12/6/15.  Luke hast told of Jesus’ birth and early years.  Now he tells of the social movement that drew Jesus to begin his ministry.  Filled with a sense of what God wants, a man named John calls for change and offers baptism as a sign of readiness to change and forgiveness for the past.  He repeats Isaiah’s announcement that God is coming to set things right.]