Life App for 1/27/17 to 2/3/17

A way to live a mission in leisure or free time:
Spending time with family and friends is not insignificant; it is rather to be sought and valued.

Based on Matthew 5:1-12

A way to live a mission in leisure or free time based on Matthew 5:1-12, a reading from The Revised Common Lectionary for the Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany, 1/29/17.  [Blessing has two meanings—to be favored and to receive spiritual rewards.]  Jesus sits down on a high place and pronounces an unexpected blessing on people with little power or social standing.  Favored and assured of spiritual rewards are:  the poor in spirit who have the kingdom of heaven; mourners who will be comforted; the meek who will inherit the earth; those seeking righteousness who will be filled; the merciful who will receive mercy; the pure in heart who will see God; peacemakers who will be called children of God; those persecuted for righteousness who will have the kingdom of heaven; and those who suffer because they follow him.  All are to rejoice because their reward is great in heaven; they are persecuted as were the prophets before them.

A theme:  Those who follow God may look weak but they will receive spiritual rewards.