Life App for 12/9/16 to 12/16/16

A way to live your mission in the wider world:

Beware of giving too much respect or power to leaders; rather, look for how much each accepts God’s rule of love and justice for all.

Based on Matthew 11:2-11

[A way to live your mission in the wider world based on Matthew 11:2-11, a reading from The Revised Common Lectionary for the Third Sunday in Advent, 12/11/16.  In prison, John hears what Jesus, the Messiah, is doing.  He sends messengers to Jesus asking if he is the one whose coming is expected (i. e., the Messiah).  Jesus says tell John of my healings and my giving the poor the good news of the coming of God’s kingdom or rule.  After John’s messengers leave, Jesus tells the crowd that the one they went to see, John the Baptist, has a role greater than the prophets.  John is announcing the actual coming of the Messiah.  However, anyone who accepts God’s reign when it comes will be still greater than John.

A theme:  See in Jesus the coming of God’s kingdom or God’s rule over all creation.]