Life App for 1/29/16 to 2/4/16

A way to live in your community:

What do you hear or see to be pressing needs of your neighborhood, town, or city?  Assess your own skills and interests to select ones you can do something about.  Seek out and team up with others who have the same concern.

Based on Jeremiah 1:4-10

[A way to live in your community; suggested by the reading in many churches for The Fourth Sunday of Epiphany from the revise Common Lectionary for 1/31/16.  Jeremiah understands God to be calling him to be a prophet.  A Hebrew prophet does not foretell the future.  He talks the truth about current situations.  Jeremiah says he in not ready for such a role.  However, the Lord has put his words in Jeremiah’s mouth and Jeremiah will be both a challenger and a builder.

Each kingdom or nation Jeremiah will address is made up of unique communities.  Will community leaders hear and act on the messages from Jeremiah? Will today’s community leaders hear and respond to the needs of their community?]